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Full Moon Cacao & SoundBath

Tuesday  : 19.00 – 21.00

Join Leanne for a full moon Cacao ceremony with Sound Journey on March 7th @thecollective.

This year, the Worm Moon is positioned as a full moon in Virgo, a fitting Earth sign to help herald in the signs of spring. Virgo is the zodiac sign of productivity, rules, employment and one’s physical health.

This Ceremony is about coming together with an intention – we gather to rest from the outside world and tune in with the self and how that feels.

Ceremonial Cacao helps increase the energetic field of our hearts, and when consumed in a group this energetic field becomes exponentially more expansive. Combining cacao with sound healing enhances the healing potential of both medicines, helping to bring us into harmony, so we may remember and return to our soul’s calling.

About sound healing:

The sound journey will use the ancient healing sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, shamanic drum, percussion instruments, tuning forks – soundscapes to support your process with the gentle plant medicine of mamacito cacao.

This vibrational form of sound has the power to alleviate physical pain, shift emotional and psychological states, and re-align you with your natural vibration.

This experience includes:

• Peruvian ceremonaial cacao, with blissful heart-opening compounds

• Exploration of the cacao tree and nutritional benefits of cacao

• Learn how to commune with cacao as a daily ritual for healing and soothing.

• Learn and experince a simple breath practice for grounding when working with cacao.

• Soul and heart soothing sound journey support with leanne

What To bring:

• Dress comfortably. Blankets will be available for you to use but feel free to bring your own (or another) as well as a cushion for maximum comfort.

• Bring a full water bottle to sip on after cacao.

• Bring special items you’d like to add to the cacao altar.

• Avoid heavy food beforehand. Have a light meal 2 hours before.

• Please arrive about 5-10 mins early to settle in so we can start on-time.

March 7 @ 19:00
19:00 — 21:00 (2h)


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