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Saturday  – 16.00  to 17.30

16.00 :Come and arrive and allow yourself time to settle in.

16.15: Start of the movement Journey . Doors Closing


Get involved in a new adventure and discover the world of free-form Movement Meditation. DANCE-mandala is a soulful practice that moves on many levels. With pleasant sounds, driving rhythms and attentive guidance, you will find a way out of your thought carousel. It is a journey to your inner self. DANCEmandala also helps to develop trust and enables the opening of new paths and potentials. Letting go into the present moment through gentle or strong movement and dance. 

With this transforming Movement Meditation practice you can let go of inner distress, unwind your mind and break your soul free. Experiencing meditative relaxation, refreshing lightness and powerful life energy.

Let your soul dance heartfully. 

Let your body move playfully. 

And let your mind rest peacefully.

Things to know:

  • DANCEmandala takes place in a safe and calm space.

  • The session lasts around 1.5 hours.

  • In DANCEmandala there is gentle guidance through all the different layers of the body, mind & soul – supported by different types music. 

  • The journey of DANCEmandala guides through relaxation, stillness, flow and ecstasy. 

  • It can be helpful if you keep your eyes closed during the session to fully drop into your own space and practice. 

  • In DANCEmandala the personal journey and space of all Soul Dancers is respected. So you do not dance with others but focus on your own journey. Anyas website.

March 4 @ 16:00
16:00 — 17:30 (1h 30′)


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