The Collective Waterford

Heart Vibrations

 Tuesday’s – 18.00 pm


Awaken your Connection to the Tree of Life

This is a fun interactive session working with all the elements Earth, Air, Fire & Water and the senses Feeling, Touch, Taste & Smell.

The offering includes:

Blessing our Sacred Water

Food as a Healing tool

Cleansing the Aura

The Power of Gratitude

Journey into ancient Ireland to re-connect with your tree of life and the Sacred Crystalline Waters.


Rainbow Ray Activation 

Reconnecting to the Elements Air, Water, Fire, Earth rooting down deep into the Earth awakening your connection with the Crystalline Core.

Connecting to your Earth and Soul star balancing the Moon & Sun aspects within.

Reaching out to the Siam Chakra at the very outer layer of the Aura.  This is veil over our consciousness moving in a clockwise motion around the body vibrating all colours.

Through conscious awareness and the balance of all chakras you begin the process of clearing the veil of consciousness.


Golden Ray Activation – Christ Consciousness

Located 8 inches above the crown of the head is the Stellar Gateway chakra, gold in colour awakening your connection to the Great Central Sun.

The Golden Ray is the essence of all Rays and moves us into the Now.

The Stellar Gateway allows access to source returning to a state of oneness, creating Balance, Clarity and Harmony both within and without bringing Heaven to Earth.

1hour €80


March 21 @ 18:00
18:00 — 19:00 (1h)


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