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Kambo Ceremony

August 21st : 9am -12noon

Join us this Saturday with Shane Rundle an experienced Practicioner of over 3 years with this medicine and ancestral medicines from around the world. Shane has been trained in both clinical and traditional settings, using the help of el sapso accommodating those seeking support with specific aliments of the body.

Fasting is needed the night before . Before Ceremony Shane will hold an opening Meditation , a brief discussion about Kambo and time to explore your intentions, there is the option of repay or sananga medicine afterwards followed by an invitation to share and help integrate your experience.

Closing Meditation and a light Vegan snack.

Kambo Medicine helps heal and cleanse the body by strengthening its natural defences and warding off bad luck . Helps increase Stamina . Aho

June 1 @ 08:45
08:45 — 11:45 (3h)


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