The Collective Waterford

Womens Circle

Saturday 5th February – 

Join Cathy Coyle at this beautiful workshop exploring the magick and Medicine of Artemisia (mama Mugwort). We will explore the history and use of mugwort as a Witch’s herb, her role in healing, divination and trance, as well as her modern usage as a healing herb for a whole host of ailments and supporting female reproductive health. This is a mildly psychotropic plant medicine that can be used to shift into powerful journey states, subtly weaving beyond the veil.

I invite you to sit with us and explore this powerful feminine force. Access innate wisdom and profound healing of the self and community of women we live in.

The centre of our spiral together with involve a shamanic breath work journey combining breathwork with the smoke and tea of Artemisia. Drop into a powerful space of personal embodiment, activation and emotional release.

February 5 @ 10:30
10:30 — 15:30 (5h)

Cathy Coyle

Class Full

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