The Collective Waterford

Sensual Saturday

 1st April – 13.00-  19.00

An invitation to reconnect with and expand your capacity for joy, play and pleasure 💛

Hosted by Margarita Murphy & Karen Egan @cuansafeharbour

We ask you to arrive at 12:45am for introductions, chats, taking a breath, settling into the space and into yourself firstly.

`Then at 12 noon, we will begin our Opening Circle in the snug, warm, welcoming, safe space of The Collective Studio, Waterford


We will move through the container agreements and gently into our first 3 hours of Sensualitea:

Margarita will lead us into a guided meditation and tea ceremony together, as we continue to slow, soften and sink into the luxuriousness of our senses, to arrive deeper into states of presence and relaxation. A sensual journey through our relationship and embodiment with each of the senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, smell… through playful games and exercises.

When we explore, with sensibility and be curious about the innate guidance that arises from a more sensual experience within our interactions and experiences, we can then learn to become more viscerally informed and equipped. To feel, trust and dance our way discernibly and decisively into deeper, more embodied exchanges, that feel safer and more rewarding.

We will have lots of healthy and yummy nibbles and treats prepared, in a light ‘Afternoon Tea’ style for you to feast upon. So you’ll be well fed throughout, both your belly, your brain, your heart and allllll your senses! x


We will naturally transit to the next 3 hours workshop of Embodying Boundaries & Consent:

Led by Karen, you will be empowered to identify your own resources, followed by a grounding body scan. You will be guided through various somatic explorations to offer you the opportunity to embody your Yes & No, with time to integrate your body learning’s. Woven in with these, are paired and group reflections.

Where you discover and reconnect to exiled parts of you, your feelings, your body, your thoughts. You will be empowered to create safety in your body & in your feelings, so that your nervous system may regulate. Once this safety is experienced, your capacity for pleasure is increased. You will be enabled to communicate consent around your desires and needs. With this opening up to self love and radical self acceptance, you will enjoy a juicier, more loving life!

Stepping into the final phase, we will share one word feelings and take away Commitments to self, as we complete with our Closing Circle.


Invitations within this workshop experience:

☀ Tuning into the felt truth with your body

☀ Listening and learning your body’s language, is a crucial step in moving towards our wants, our needs, our passions, our pleasure

☀ Consenting to feel, receive and surrender to more

☀ Become more intimate with your limits, your desires, your confidence

☀ Feeling safe equals feeling SEXY

☀ Embodying boundaries fosters self-trust and intuition

☀ When you have embodied boundaries, you are generous with the gift of what you are offering

☀ Boundaries are not barriers

☀ Boundaries are dynamic & SEXY !!

☀ Communicating and consensually choosing our way into healthy relationships

☀ Asking for what you truly want, need and desire, can be both confronting and challenging but believe me it becomes increasingly more pleasurable the more you do it too!

💛 €77

Payable on Event Brite

or Cash on arrival.


April 1 @ 13:00
13:00 — 19:00 (6h)

Karen, Margarita

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