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Corporate Yoga and Meditation

Do you think your team could benefit from a group Yoga session and Meditation. Here at The Collective we invite groups of 12 or less to take advantage of a team building day , an hour or 2 out of the office space to connect and tune in to the realms with in .These can be arranged as a before work session or a time that works well for the company to take time out and find inner harmony with your work colleagues. Contact Sheila for Bookings 089 6152601

Group Meditations

Group Meditation. Apart from relaxing the body it improves concentration and clarity, it also helps in reducing stress, lowers high blood pressure, decreases any tension-related pain and improves the immune system. 


Working with your company schedule . The Collective has slots available mid week and on weekends for Team Building exercises and half day retreats. Come together in a zen setting and bring that energy back to the office space .

Workplace Yoga

Yoga for the work place.Teams can take away with them easy to incorporate chair /office yoga that can bring ease into a long day at a desk or screen . Learn techniques to bring into your daily work routine .

Teams who practice wellness together stay together, moving in silence through our own stuff to return to group scenarios better able to show up”

Sheila - The Collective Founder

Classes We Offer

Studio Session

Book your team  in for and hour or hour and a half Yoga & Guided Meditation increasing morale for back in the office space.

In Office Yoga Session

One of our ten experienced teachers can come to your office or place of work for yoga hour , this can be worked into your desk area from a chair or mats in a common area. Learn breathing techniques to calm anxiety and stress or end of day Mediations to help employees leave calm and at peace . 

Half Day Retreat

We welcome you to the Collective space for a morning of yoga , breath work , vegan snack and health juice , followed by a guided meditation . Treat your staff to a bliss experience to better return to work grateful for space provided in a zen setting.

Team Building and Stress Relief

The corporate world can get stressful at times . Taking an hour out once a month to have one of our Teachers take your team through some useful stress relief techniques , guided relaxation and team building sharing circles. 

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